Collage by Lunaea Weatherstone

Beannocht leó a los a saoire,
dronga ar nár cheisd cruadhlaoighe,
am coimhthinál dar chóir searc,
doircheadhán dóibh nir dhoircheacht.

Blessing upon their noble nature,
to whom complex poems were no hardship,
to that beloved gathering of poets
the darkest verse was daylight dawning.

Caitlín Matthews, The Celtic Tradition

Brigid, whose name means "bright arrow," is the Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing and craft (especially metalcraft). She is the inspiration to all bards and artisans, scholars and any who work with words. Brigid, known also as Bride, Brigit, Brigantia, Brid, Brighid, and Briginda, is so greatly beloved in Ireland that when Christianity became the accepted faith throughout the land, the Goddess was transformed into saint, and St. Brigid's church in Kildare was built on a site sacred to Brigid. Where Her eternal flame had once been tended by 19 priestesses, now 19 nuns took it in turn to each tend the flame for a day and a night. On the 20th day, the Goddess (or the saint) tended the flame herself.

Brigid Shrine

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